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July 7th - July 28th


Artesia High School

12108 Del Amo Blvd, Lakewood, CA 90715

Summer Spikers


Girls Ages: 13 - 18 

Head Coach: Coach Josh

Friday Nights

7:30 pm - 9:00 pm


4-week Training Program


We will focus on being a solid all-around attacker.

Program Focus:

- Identifying areas of improvement

- Improving all around ball control including pass, setting, spiking and defense.

- Improve attacking decision making skills

- Improve the players ability to adapt and adapt quickly

- Focus on creating power as an attacker

-Focus on hitting targets through various obstacles

Why Summer Strikers?


At Volitude Volleyball, we strive to teach athletes the importance of being a well-rounded attacker in the sport of volleyball. We believe that by teaching proper technique and skill development, our athletes will be able to reach their highest potential.

Our coaches have a wealth of experience and knowledge that will help players become the best possible volleyball players they can be. We pride ourselves on our commitment to giving our athletes the best opportunity to grow and develop their skills, while competing at a high level. Join us today and start your journey to Volitude

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