Both parties of parents and players entering into this agreement with Volitude Volleyball agree to adhere to the following: 

Volitude Volleyball requires that any engagement of sexual harassment to any Volitude Member or by any Volitude Member must be reported to the coach and Director immediately. Any engagement of sexual harassment is subject for immediate dismissal and further legal action upon discretion.

1. Sexual Harassment can be defined as unwelcome and unwanted sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature such as sexual jokes, gestures, graffiti, posters, writings, touching or other physical contact

2) I grant Volitude Volleyball permission to use pictures, media, videos, etc of my athlete on their social media pages, website, or any product for presentation purposes.

Practice Policies

Both parties of parents and players entering into this agreement with Volitude Volleyball agree to adhere to the following:

1.     All Practices are mandatory attendance
Exceptions to this are by player notification to the coach with at least 7 days’ advance notice
If Sickness or Injury occurs within 7 days’ notice, the player or parent may notify the coach. The player will not be required to attend practice if she does not attend school with sickness. The coach (at his or her discretion) may require a doctor’s notice of injury preventing player from participating.
If Family Emergency occurs within 7 days’ notice, the player or parent may notify the coach.

1)    Be Prepared for practice which means arriving at a minimum of 15 minutes early, warming up prior to practice start time, wearing appropriate clothing and shoes, and BRINGING VOLLEYBALL if provided as this will be used for practice. Coaches have discretion on penalty actions if these are not met.

2)    Practice T-shirts may be required at the discretion of the coach, however no other club or school t-shirts are to be worn via Volitude’s requirements.

3)    Cell Phones are not to be used during practice at any time including water breaks. Cell phones will be allowed to update parents of any changes and in any event of an emergency.

4)    Understand that practices are for instruction and training. It is important to be fully aware and mentally prepared to participate. All athletes should offer 100% effort in each drill and training to maximize learning. Tournament playing time is an extension of practice input as outlined in the Tournament Policies below.

5)    Communicate with your coach if you receive injury during practice, have questions regarding drills or training, need additional assistance outside of practice, and generally attempt to understand the session.

6)    Upon entering into this agreement, we understand that Volitude requires Regional-National practices, tournaments, and sessions are priority over other school sports, extracurricular activities, or personal events. Please be aware of this and review the commitment level as described in the Available Programs on our website: www.volitudevolleyball.com. You may receive an unexcused missed practice if this is not upheld.

7)    Due to limited practice facilities and any coaching assistance needed, practices may be combined with other teams of similar age or skill level, practices may shift locations, or practices may shift times. Notification will be released with as much notice as possible.

8)    Location of practice facilities are closed due to school or municipal events, Volitude will cancel practices as well. We will do our best to make the practice up or have practice at an alternative location, but this may not be guaranteed.

9)    Missed Practices- If practices are missed for any reason other than defined in section “1” or approved by the coach, the following may occur:

a)     Sanctioned playing time at following tournament (Discretion of Coach)

b)    Additional conditioning or practice time penalty (Discretion of Coach)

c)     Transition to different position: Please understand that by missing a practice, the player forfeits valuable training time and the team forfeits the ability to prepare for competition. Another player may be asked to step in to fill the role of the missing athlete. This could be temporary or indefinitely at the discretion of the coach. This should not be considered a penalty as it also provides the athlete with an increased opportunity to learn.

d)    Upon three unexcused missed practices, the player may be suspended from the team indefinitely. The coach will bring this to the attention of the Director, and the Director will implement this policy. Missed practices may or may not be consecutive. If the player is released due to three unexcused missed practices, all remaining unpaid fees become due immediately and must be paid within 2 weeks of notice of release.

10)  Coaches may offer additional policies per their own teams.

Tournament & Travel Policies

Both parties of parents and players entering into this agreement with Volitude Volleyball agree to adhere to the following:

1)    All Tournaments are mandatory attendance for competition levels.

2)    Exceptions to this are by player/parent written communication via email prior to accepting a position with Volitude Volleyball.

a)     If Sickness or Injury occurs the athlete/parent must communicate to the coach with as much notice as possible to allow for alternate preparation. A doctor’s note may be required at the coach’s discretion

b)    If Family Emergency occurs the athlete/parent must communicate to the coach with as much notice as possible to allow for alternate preparation.

3)    Tournament gate fees, travel expenses, lodging expenses, food expenses, team bonding expenses, tournament gift expenses, and other purchases are not included in the season fees.

4)    Coaches and the Director will work to ensure that the athletes are performing at the competitive level required at the tournaments assigned. If this is not the case, the coaches and Director will work with Parents and Players to reevaluate the tournament schedule and adjust it to remain or become competitive. This could include increasing fees if another tournament or change in tournament is incorporated.

5)    Parents and players are encourage to wear Volitude apparel at tournaments. At the coach’s discretion, players may be mandated to wear Volitude tshirts and warm up jacket.

6)    Certifications are required by Volitude and the USAV/SCVA, AAU Region. Every team will be assigned reffing duties in which they are to provide an R2, a Scorekeeper, a Libero Tracker, a Score Flipper, and two Line Judges. Volitude coaches will assign these tasks to players and parents during the tournaments/season. Those assigned to these tasks are expected to operate efficiently and professionally during the responsibilities. This means paying attention with no distractions. Cell phones and other electronics (ipods, laptops, etc) are NOT allowed to be out during reffing duties.

7)    Athletes are not to leave the court during “off” matches or reffing duties at any time unless dismissed by the coach.

8)    Parents agree to stay in designated hotels at Stay to Play events and could incur a fee if not participating. Stay to Play is defined as a tournament that the Region or another Region requires athletes to stay in a hotel on a pre-determined list. The season tournament schedule will notate the events that are Stay to Play. Any fee that Volitude receives due to lack of follow through with these tournaments will be passed along to the family.

9)    Both players and parents/guardians are required to wait at least 24 hours before discussing any issues following the tournaments. Players may directly speak to coaches following this time frame about: playing time, positions, concerns, suggestions, etc. Parents may only contact the Director regarding concerns or issues per bullet “4” in the “Parent Contract”.

10) Coaches may request meetings, team bonding, etc while at tournaments. Players are to be involved in any coach’s request unless extenuating circumstances arise or the coach is aware in advanced that the athlete cannot participate.

11) Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be permitted at any time from the player, parent, friend, or any member representing that of a Volitude member or the club in its whole. The member (player or parent) or representative of the member will be asked to leave.

a.     This can include rude behavior, unnecessary comments to another player, coach, official, fan, or parent, or bad language. A player may be benched or asked to leave if this occurs at the coach’s discretion.

12) Parents and players agree to arrive at the tournament site at the time assignment of the coach. Additionally, if the coach requests a meeting prior to the tournament the player and parent will oblige unless discussed with coach.

13) Coaches may offer additional policies per their own teams.

14) If the team finishes the season at Regionals but the player is invited to participate with another club to attend a national or post season event, Crossfire may grant a release to participate. Crossfire requires a written request to do so.

Injury Policies

Both parties of parents and players entering into this agreement with Volitude Volleyball agree to adhere to the following:

All players and parents are expected to report any injury sustained during a USAV, SCVA, JVA, AAU or Volitude sanctioned event to your coach or Director immediately.
Players will not be released back to practices or tournaments unless a doctor has made the official release.
Volitude will provide any forms that may be required by the Region to fill out after sustaining an injury.

Grievance Procedure

In order to best resolve any situation that may arise during the season both parties of parents and players entering into this agreement with Volitude Volleyball agree to adhere to the following Grievance Procedure:

The Player will first reach out to the coach requesting a meeting to discuss the concern.
If Unresolved the parent may seek a meeting from the Club Director in writing via email. In keeping with our policy, parents are not to discuss issues with coaches. However, upon moving into step # “2” of the Grievance Procedure, the Club Director will directly contact the coach to determine if he or she will want to be a part of the meeting and will update the parent.
The Club Director will meet separately with the coach following the parent meeting to discuss issues and resolutions if coach is not initially involved. The Director may require the parent and athlete to attend.
The Coach will receive either two practices or one tournament depending on the time of the issue to resolve.
If Unresolved the Club Director will determine if issue relies with coaching staff or player/parent and once determine appropriate actions will be taken which could include removal of coach or athlete. If athlete is removed, remaining owed fees will be due at a pro-rated amount based only on missed tournaments and pay to coaches. If all fees are paid, the Director will reimburse paid fees as the unused amount of pay to coaches since the tournaments have already been paid for. Please keep in mind that there is a 24 hour period following the practice or tournament in which the parent is not to contact the Director. Additionally, the Director will not discuss coaching decisions or personalities with parents unless the coach violates the policies presented to him or her upon employment. The Director will provide these to the parent upon requested.

Volitude Policy & Procedures

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