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Information for the 23/24 season

Volitude has hosted volleyball instruction in Long Beach, Downey, and Huntington Beach for the past 17 years which has resulted in coaching over a 1,000 local athletes.  Volitude’s club volleyball program incorporates a training system based on honesty, integrity and good sportsmanship in an environment that encourages hard work, determination & goal achievement. The Volitude volleyball program has 4 focal points (physical & mental conditioning, team building and skill acquisition).

Volitude Volleyball Club Program is a competitive volleyball program that requires consistency, determination and execution from their athletes and their parents. 

To join Volitude, we are asking for the following financial commitment of $3600 -$3800:

One Time Fees:                                                                                                               
SCVA Player Registration:                                                                                                  $70
Uniform Fee (max):                                                                                                             $450
Two (2) game jerseys, Two (2) practice jerseys,
Hoodie, Sweat pants, spandex, backpack & a Volleyball

Club Fees:
Coaching/Gym Fee:  11/1 – 6/26                                                                                     $2800
3 hours of elite coaching per week (min) plus tournaments
Practices will typically be on a Mon/Weds or Tues/Thurs.
Volitude Elite Teams will practice/condition 1 additional day/wk 


Tournament Fees : (each tournament fee is divided by the team)                               $375/ea*
*Special tournaments have different registration fee( Soiree & So Cal Championships)    
**Internal tournaments will require a coaching/gym fee ($100/team)
***Volitude X Teams will travel for BID tournaments (fees TBD)

Volitude X & Performance Training (Elite):                                                                      $100/mo
Specialized training: skills, conditioning, video, endurance

Recommended Payment Calendar
10/3: $700 Commitment Deposit Due (non-refundable)
Monthly Fee starts 11/15 after deposit
*Prorated refunds will be issued for season stoppage or reasons uncontrollable by Volitude
**Payment options are available upon request

Once tryouts are over the coaches will meet to discuss their player selections. You should receive a call and an email if you're selected for a team.

Commitment Night: Tuesday, October 3rd 7pm at Artesia HS

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