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Session 1

Two Week Package

Welcome to our Summer Indoor Camp!

Ages 10 - 18 | Head Coach: Coach Josh

Session 1 Two Week Package

June 19th - June 29th

8am - 11am

Monday - Thursday

Skills Training camp (1 hr - 1.5 hrs)

and open gym play


Artesia High School

12108 Del Amo Blvd, Lakewood, CA 90715

Why specifically open gym play?

Unstructured sports activities used to be a cornerstone in the development of exceptional volleyball players. Kids would gather at the beach or park and play without a coach leading them. There were no predefined teams, age groups, or skill levels. Through this approach, older kids guided younger ones, children learned not to argue because arguing meant they weren't playing, and they developed better social skills. They also experimented with their skills, rather than relying on a coach to correct everything, fostering greater growth and learning. Studies reveal that players who learn through exploration under varied constraints, such as those mentioned above, often outperform their over-coached counterparts.

Our goal, therefore, is to supervise, provide guidance when asked, and maintain a semi-structured gameplay while primarily instilling independence in the players, similar to the self-sufficiency that characterized the great volleyball players of the past.

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